How to Get to the Venue

If you have any questions you can get help from one of Prague’s Tourist Information Centres

1.   Terminál 1: Václav Havel Airport Prague, Schengenská, Prague 6
2.   Terminál 2: Václav Havel Airport Prague, Schengenská, Prague 6
3.   Wenceslas Square, Václavské náměstí (in the corner Štěpánská ulice), Prague 1
4.   Staroměstská radnice (Old Town Hall), Staroměstské náměstí 1, Prague 1
5.   Rytířská Street, Rytířská 31, Prague 1
6.   Lesser Town Bridge Tower, Mostecká, Prague 1

Directions from the airport
Václav Havel Airport Prague (Prague Ruzyně Airport) is located 15 km west of the city centre.

There is a currency exchange booth at the airport (daily 7:00 – 23:00), as well as currency exchange machines and ATMs, car-rental offices, public phones, a bar, shops, etc. You can make your way from the airport to the conference venue by taking a city bus (Prague public transport), airport shuttle or taxi. We recommend taking the city bus.

1. The following public transport buses will take you from the airport to different metro stations in the city:

  • bus no. 119 – from Prague Airport to Nádraží Veleslavín Metro Station - 17 minutes
  • bus no. 100 – from Prague Airport to Zličín Metro Station - 18 minutes
  • bus no. 191 – from Prague Airport to Petřiny Metro Station - 24 minutes and to Anděl Metro Station - 48 minutes
  • bus no. 510 night bus (operate 0.15–5.00) - from Prague Airport to the city centre - 40 minutes     

A special barrier-free bus is run by Airport Express:

  • Airport Express – from Prague Airport to the Main Railway Station - 50 minutes

More information and timetables are available at: .

2. Shuttle minibuses: Cedaz

  • shuttles run from Prague Airport to ‘V Celnici’ street every 30 minutes daily between 7:30 am and 7:00 pm

150 CZK per person for a one-way ticket

3. Airport cars


4. Taxis  

For more about taxis, see:


A cheap and effective way of getting to the conference venue is to take city bus no. 119, which transports passengers from the airport to Nádraží Veleslavín metro station. The price of a bus ticket is just CZK 24. Buy a ticket from a booth or yellow vending machine before getting on the bus, drivers don’t sell tickets, and be sure to validate it in one of the validation devices installated in the buss when you get on. The service runs very frequently, and the travel time to the main conference venue from the airport is about 15-20 minutes. Bus no. 119 terminates at Nadrazi Veleslavin metro station, and there you transfer to Metro Line A (the Green Line) and take the metro to Dejvická station. From Dejvická it is approximately a10-minute walk to the conference venue.


Directions from Prague’s railway stations

Passengers travelling to Prague by train will arrive at one of two central stations:

1. Hlavní nádraží (Main Station) - usually the terminus for trains from the west (Paris, Frankfurt) and east (Budapest)

2. Nádraží Holešovice (Holešovice Station) - for through trains from Berlin and Dresden to Vienna

Both are on Line C (the Red Line) of the metro system and both offer a number of services, including currency exchange offices, post office, and a luggage-storage area.

The conference venue is located near Dejvická metro station. Take Metro Line C to Muzeum station and there transfer to Line A (the GreenLine).

How to Get to the Venue

A cheap and very effective way of getting to the CTU is to sue the city’s public transport. Trams, buses, and metro trains run frequently and the service is not expensive.

By Metro

The conference venue is located near Dejvická metro station (Line A/Green). From Dejvická station it is approximately a 10-minute walk to the conference venue.

By Tram

Take tram no. 5 or tram no. 8 to tram stops Zelená or Lotyšská, disembark, and from there it is approximately a 10-minute walk to the conference venue)

Take tram no. 20 or tram no. 26 to tram stop Thákurova, disembark, and from there is an 11-minute walk to the venue

By Bus

Bus no.131 runs (from metro stations Bořislavka and Hradčanská) to bus stop Na Santince

From bus stop Na Santince it is a 5-minute walk to the conference venue. [Take bus no. 131 from metro station Bořislavka or Hradčanská to bus stop Na Santince on this route, disembark, and from there is a 5-minute walk to the conference venue.)

Public transport timetables:

Where to buy a ticket:

1. From the yellow vending machines (installed in all metro stations and at selected surface transit stops)

2. Using a mobile-phone public transport ticket: the Sejf (safe) application can be downloaded free of charge

    For more information, go to:

3. From tobacconist/newspaper shops and wholesalers

4. Info centres

(5. SMS ticket service)

6. Participants will be provided by a pass for free public transport valid from 25 August to 28 August. Passes will be included in the conference bags obtained at the registration dest at the Faculty of Architecture from Tuesday.


Public transport ticket prices:

Regular ticket – 90 minutes: 32 CZK

Short-term ticket – 30 minutes: 24 CZK

24-hour ticket: 110 CZK

72-hour ticket: 310 CZK

Beware![Travel Advice and Precautions


Be careful when using taxi services:

We recommend you:

  1. ask about the price before you get in,
  2. ask for a receipt,

3.   use UBER

      or Taxiterminal


Currency exchange

We recommend you:

1. do not change money at the airport unless necessary,

2. check the commission fee (they can be high!),

3. use the exchange office at: Kaprova 14/13, 110 00 Praha