RN37 - Urban Sociology

RN Coordinator:

João Teixeira Lopes, Oporto Arts Faculty, Oporto, Portugal



General session: Unequal lives in urban spaces

Although some optimistic voices, differences and inequalities have been increasing in Europe for the last two decades, as well the redefinition of public and private missions, inside new political and economic hegemonies. Urban spaces condensate and potentiate the visibility of these dimensions. More than just a scenario or a neutral arena of social relations, they contribute actively for the making of differences and inequalities, with their multidimensional background and consequences.  Sometimes, the structuration of spaces demands a wider perspective, due to the interdependence of these realities. 

In a broader perspective, this call offers also an opportunity to discuss the intersection of unequal social relations based on class, age, gender, sexual orientation, etc. as social relations of space (more than in space).

How do “old” and “new” differences and inequalities cross? Can recognition and redistribution policies be articulated trough urban spaces?

At the same time, several interventions have been designed to sustain this trend, both at the local, regional, national and transnational level. What balance can sociologists do about these programs? Did they effectively reduce inequalities? What was the specific role of sociology and of sociologists, both academic and professional? Were they interdisciplinary oriented? What can we learn from these experiences to anticipate the future and to design public policies? Are there big differences according to the dimension of cities?

Unequal lives in urban spaces: this may be a brief summary of the coexistence of subjective and objective dimensions of inequalities, as well as of the constitution of identities in discontinuous cities and metropolis.



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